We have heard the beauty and health care professionals say that a green water each day to keep the skin aging, but a new trend to bring it to a level which:. Drinking aloe vera juice is not the savior of the adhesive gel sunburn, but one, slightly acidic water of unknown origin from aloe (sounds delicious, right?). Everyone from goop founder (and pied piper of exotic beauty rituals) Gwyneth Paltrow to naturopathic doctors are talking about the benefits of its improved skin. (Looking for anti aging tips that work? Prevention has intelligent answer-get 2 free gifts when you subscribe today.)

Although no one pressed-or food, for that matter, can single-handedly change your skin, there may be some solid scientific basis for the new findings following aloe vera juice. It is packed with vitamins, including B, C, and vitamin E, and folic acid, which strengthen the immune system of the body, often health is reflected in the skin, says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, and author of the SuperFoodsRx Diet.


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"If you have a tendency to dry out the skin or other skin problems including psoriasis, you can help promote healing from the inside out by choosing anti-inflammatory foods, such as aloe vera juice, "she said. In addition, it is also very rich in antioxidants, which help protect cells against free radicals that cause skin damage in the environment (think sun, dust and other contaminants are fighting your skin play on a daily basis).

But before you chug a gallon of the stuff, know this: Despite its nutrition indicators is impressive, there is not any research to support claims that aloe vera juice can improve the look of your skin.

"It probably does not directly affect your skin, but anything to improve your overall health can potentially improve your appearance," Rebecca Kazin, MD, said the Institute Washington dermatology Laser surgery. However, the water off if you take medicine to treat digestive problems, blood disorders, or diabetes, such as aloe can have a laxative mild blood-thinning effect, and may cause the drop in blood glucose levels in diabetic patients with low collection rates.

If you are curious and want to test drive their Elixir beauty, Bazilian suggests finding an organic, high quality version of the water filter (also known as aloe vera juice), free of any additives Family as flavorings or sugar. Find it at pharmacies, health food stores, or online ($ 5 for 16 oz, puritanspride.com).



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