There are so many Aloe Vera drinks khác đó it's Important to choose the one that's best for you. For example, are you better off with a gel or a Juice?

Differs opinions on this, because on the inner leaf as chúng whole leaf aloe drinks versus, let's look first at considering how Gels and Juices differs!

Aloe Vera drinks  just from the plant's Comes inner leaf and was hand-picked and hand-filleted all before being stabilized via a unique patented natural heat-free process. Compared nó content is essentially identical to Aloe freshly picked leaf inner gel.

Oh, and the Aloe (Barbadensis Miller) was grown in an environment free of herbicides and pesticides! Aloe Barbadensis Miller is, incidentally, (out of over 200 Aloe species) the only 'true Aloe' entitled to be known as Aloe Vera drinks.

Tasty Aloe Drink

Rind (a hard layer 15 cells thick)

Sap (high in anthraquinones - powerful laxatives)

 Mucilage (Acts as barrier, keeping the very sterile inner gel)

 Gel (where the leaf stores nó all 75 nutrients)

So, if the area is polluted at all, or if chemicals (herbicides, pesticides etc) past tense used on the Aloe Vera drinkstook khi the four years to mature chúng mà sẽ những part of the leaf have reached?

The two outer layers, at Least - and it is in the synthesis of all the rind có Aloe's nutrients takes place, while the sap is where materials move up to the leaves and down to the roots. Compared những Vital processes could well Suffer pollution....



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