Aloe vera, also known as medical aloe, is a herb used for ages to treat and cure many diseases. The antifungal and antibacterial of aloe vera help in the treatment of internal and external problems. It was used for soothing burns and cuts. It has also proved to be a great moisturizer for the skin. It is also used to treat sunburn. There are many other therapeutic uses of aloe such, it promotes blood circulation and helps maintain normal blood pressure. The health benefits of aloe vera can not be ignored. This natural herb has also proved to be a good remedy to cure ulcers and maintain blood sugar levels. Most of the time, it healing without any side effects. However, in some cases, a few side effects of this herb are observed. Let's look at the benefits of using aloe vera juice for constipation.

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Constipation

Aloe vera juice helps in promoting peristalsis, and thus relieve constipation. It maintains a balance by restoring healthy bacteria count. The recommended dose of aloe juice 1 tablespoon of water before each meal. This will help repair damaged tissue in the gut and stimulate all the digestive gland works fine; stomach, kidney, gallbladder and liver. Aloe vera juice also helps get rid of intestinal build-up of fecal matter and toxins, all while acting as a colon cleanse.

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How to use

chronic digestive disorders usually caused by gastrointestinal fungal infection. Aloe vera has anti-fungal properties that work to prevent candida and keep the digestive tract smooth motion. Drinking aloe vera juice regularly will certainly help if you suffer from chronic constipation. Now let's consider some variation of consumption aloe vera to relieve constipation.
The recommended course is to consume aloe for 5 days and then rest 2 days. The alternating use of aloe in this way can help reduce chronic constipation and restore a healthy balance of good bacteria in the colon.
If you want to make aloe vera juice with fresh, grab the piece of plant and boil them on low heat for 40-45 minutes. Then allow to cool off. The liquid that you get after filtering aloe vera juice is yours. You can sell directly to reap the benefits.
To consume aloe vera in gel form, mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with pure apple juice or any other type of water suit your taste. Generally, aloe vera gel and apple juice go well together. If you want to use aloe juice drink, just before going to sleep or just waking up, mix 1/3 part aloe juice with 2/3 of any fruit juice of your choice.
However, the best remedial measures for relieving constipation is to drink aloe vera juice only. To extract the juice, making the use of a fresh aloe leaves, thick and meat. Another option is to drink mint tea with aloe vera, is also useful. You can also take aloe vera with calmative herb such as turmeric.
Now, the recommended dose for aloe vera gel is 2 tablespoons daily. For aloe juice, 1 liter per day, and for concentrated aloe vera, take 5 g up to 3 times per day. To avoid the recurrence of constipation, make sure that you increase the amount of fiber in your diet. aloe products react differently with different individuals, so use common sense and remember to avoid aloe to treat constipation in pregnancy and menstruation, and consult physician when in doubt.





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