Aloe vera is a succulent plant that belongs to the limbs Aloe, which includes about 400 species. While most species of this genus are natives of Africa, these plants can be found in most arid regions around the globe. Among the other species of the genus Aloe, aloe vera is one of the most popular, and the name itself means true aloe. The history of the use of aloe vera can be traced back to the time of ancient Egypt. They regarded aloe vera as "plant of immortality 'and therefore, its leaves were buried with the Pharaoh is dead. It is also used to heal bruises and wounds, and as a laxative . Today, aloe vera is one of the important components in various herbal medicines and cosmetics. this herb is used in various forms such as gel, juice, and supplements. It is widely used as an effective remedy for various medical conditions and a lot of demand for hair and skin care.

Research shows that aloe contains compounds like, polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones, and lectins, is said to be responsible for its health benefits. Use aloe vera gel is said to be effective in improving the texture and skin. This is evident from the fact that a lot of beauty products with aloe vera as an ingredient.
Aloe Vera for skin

~ Aloe vera gel is possible to reduce the effects of sunburn on the skin.
~ It is a good moisturizer for the skin so dry and cracked.
~ It is useful to remove dead skin cells, and this facilitates effective absorption of healthy ingredients in this herb.
Aloe vera is very rich ~ vitamin C and vitamin E, can nourish the skin and prevent aging.
~ Aloe vera gel to lighten dark spots on the face, and thus reduces pigmentation.
~ Regular use of aloe vera can reduce acne and scars.

Production Line of Aloe Vera Gel
So, aloe vera gel can make the skin smooth and radiant, and also to prevent / reduce wrinkles and dark spots. If you have any allergies, then apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on your arm and leave it for a while. If you do not develop an allergic reaction, you can apply it on the face. Start with a very small amount, can be increased gradually. However, allergic reactions are rare with aloe, unless the gel is not pure or include other allergic ingredients.
How to use
This gel is available in the market under different brand names. You may be able to buy any of them or others, opt for pure aloe vera gel, which can be extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves. All you have to do is to remove the green skin of the leaves and using pulp inside it. You can cut open the leaf and apply the gel directly or remove the shell and then use the gel (make sure that the yellow plastic casing from being completely removed, because it can cause contact dermatitis with a amount of people). Apply gel on your face and wash off after thirty minutes. Some people keep the gel overnight. You can also go to the aloe vera gel and commercially available products such as aloe vera scrubs, creams, lotions and soaps. This mask can also be prepared with aloe vera gel.
Aloe vera with oats and honey

You can make a mask by mixing equal amounts (one tablespoon) of aloe vera gel, ground oats, honey and ground almonds. Apply it on the face and neck, and wash off with warm water after 20-30 minutes.
Aloe vera with yogurt

Aloe vera with yogurt is said to work wonders for the skin. You can also add some cucumber juice to this mixture. Mix two tablespoons of fresh aloe vera gel with a tablespoon of yogurt and four tablespoons of pure cucumber juice. Apply to face and wash off after twenty minutes.
Aloe vera with oatmeal

You can use oatmeal, cucumber and aloe vera gel mask preparation. Take a small cucumber (peeled) and puree it in a blender. Mix two tablespoons each of oatmeal and cucumber juice. Combine well, before mixing the egg whites into the mixture. Your mask is ready to apply.
The pure, naturally always been considered the best aloe vera gel for the face, but if you find some commercial version more useful, you can opt for the latter.



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