Here are the facts about aluminum composite materials fillings your cosmetic dentistry never told you about. composite fillings that look natural and they provide many benefits.

Composite plastic and composite materials are the two most commonly used to repair teeth damaged by decay. colored fillings made from composite plastic, it is durable plastic. Amalgam is made from a mixture of metals. Amalgam fillings compared with silver or colored, composite resin fillings proven benefits for patients. Here are the facts about aluminum composite materials fillings your cosmetic dentistry never told you about!


Sexy white fillings

Composite fillings are more desirable than traditional silver fillings. Today, most patients choose colored dental fillings over silver fillings because they look natural. PE Coated aluminum composite materials fillings are more attractive and less attention than other types of fillings.

Many more Durable silver fillings

colored fillings are strong, durable, and more resistant to fracture than silver fillings. Their silver fillings last longer and they will not need to be replaced every 7-10 years. Silver fillings will eventually leak and corrosion. This can cause cavities developed under the filling. The leaks also can provide all of the teeth appeared gray.

Preserve white fillings tooth structure

aluminum composite materials restore the original strength of the tooth. Silver fillings weaken the tooth, making them susceptible to cracking. Since fractures are expensive to repair, composite fillings will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Saliva is white Mercury-free

FRP is a material safety filling efficiency. materials recovery is no mercury and it does not contain any ingredients toxic trace metals. Therefore, there is no opportunity to develop mercury poisoning with white fillings. aluminum composite materials resin also strong enough to withstand the wear and the pressure generated by the teeth.

Require less drilling than Amalgam

White fillings require less removal of tooth structure than silver fillings. Amalgam fillings require a large portion of the tooth to be removed. With composite, the dentist simply drilling deeper areas of the tooth is infected. Composite fillings are an alternative to traditional silver fillings and they will protect your tooth structure for years to come.

How are aluminum composite materials have been completed

Firstly, a drill is used to remove the decay from a tooth. Secondly, an associate agent is applied to the teeth. Third, composite resin filling placed in layers over the opening. Next, a high-intensity light is used to harden the plastic materials. This usually takes about 60 seconds. The procedure has been completed.



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