It is important to know the difference between the current Wooden coated composite cladding have many different options on the market. Tony Ishairzay, Vice President of Professional Remodeling Group provides insight into the various composite materials available to create the perfect deck for you

Composites are a combination of wood fibers and plastic resin that often have a look of wood grain that is not made of pure wood.  Wooden coated composite cladding are more expensive than wood and wood so not as strong as they require closer distance. Composites can not be polished like wood can. However, there are many benefits to the use of a composite material. Composites are durable and require low maintenance. They are also moisture, insects, rot resistant and unlike wood. Finally, some may be stainable and they will not split or warp like wood can withstand environmental stress or change.

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Tony with professionals from Northern Virginia Remodeling Group started with Trex, one of the leading brands of  Wooden coated composite cladding. Trex composite flooring made from recycled wood and plastic fibers. The recycled materials are of high quality and environmentally friendly. The plastic timber Trex allows moisture, insects, and rot resistant, while wood plastic protection from harmful UV rays and provides a natural look material.

Some of the advantages to Trex include: excellent traction even when wet, available in a variety of colors, and the fact that Trex will never need to be polished, stained, or painted.

Tony Ishairzay also mentions that TimberTech, the manufacturer of Trex, offers a 25 year warranty which can be switched to a second-home owners, thus creating a useful selling features of your home .


Tony with professionals from Northern Virginia Remodeling Group explained the difference between Evergrain by TAMKO and Trex, which Evergrain just advanced  Wooden coated composite cladding flooring is made of the compression process. Compression-molding for structural wood materials, which is more deep grain durable than a material to be etched into the surface. Therefore, the product looks like real wood, while including the benefits of a mixture.

Again, do not require painting or staining Evergrain because it is made from plastic and wood fiber, not to mention that Evergrain is very easy to install. Finally, as to encourage more TAMKO also offers a 25 year warranty compared to rotting, splintering, and termite damage.


Fiberon is a  Wooden coated composite cladding flooring material, which is easy to install with fewer errors than real wood. It is designed to be installed with screws or fasteners (choice is up to you!) And for the long-term results.

Fiberon is made of a combination of polymer resins and finely ground wood pulp, with a UV inhibitor and anti-oxidant additives to protect the board from external factors and the environment. This means that your deck will never crack or deteriorate, and again will never need to be stained or sealed.

Finally, Fiberon offers a 20 year warranty.


AZEK boasts floor is the leading brand of stain resistant decking. It is also different than traditional wood and  Wooden coated composite cladding. AZEK floors are made of PVC Mobile unlike other composite materials. This means that the formula does not contain any fiber makes it particularly resistant to mold, mildew and stains.
Some of the benefits associated with AZEK Decking is that it is resistant to stains, anti-scratch, anti-split, mold and mildew resistant, impervious to moisture, insects and have a lifetime warranty with inspection companies.

Tony also emphasized that the selection of materials suitable for flooring of your house should be based on reliability and maintenance documents and higher costs. Although the use of composite materials can be more expensive than traditional wood initially, the long term benefits of low maintenance, strength, durabilityFree Reprint Articles, and value added make the initial investment worthwhile.


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