As the efficiency of solar cells or solar energy is mentioned, always keep in mind that this has something to do with size. The vast majority of all solar cells to an effective evaluation. To understand this immediately, just compare vs 200Wp high efficiency low efficiency aluminum composite panel. Both produce the same amount of electric potential that is 200Wp. The only difference is the high efficiency panel is smaller than the low efficiency panel. If you have enough space roof or ground, it does not matter whether you use the high or low effective sheet as long as you reach the output capacity of your request.

aluminum composite panels

Effectiveness of PE aluminum composite panel is determined in proportion. Monocrystallines typically rated at 15 to 20 +% while polycrystallines is at 13-16 +%. Panels are made of monocrystalline cells are almost always smaller in size when compared to a polycrystalline panel with a similar capacity in Watts (Wp). And if monocrystalline panel is the same size as the polycrystalline panel, the difference will be on their output (Wp), the monocrystalline will certainly have a higher rated Wp. A simple example of a real world situation would be a PV system requires 3kWp output and that the roof panels is the only option of mounting the panels and it can only hold 10 pieces of a tables with dimensions of 1600mm x approximately 1000mm. A aluminum composite panel of that size would be at 250Wp to 265Wp a wide range compared to a monocrystalline panel of the same size can achieve up to 300Wp. This means that the contractor will need about 12 pieces 250Wp polycrystalline panels to meet the energy requirements of the house but the 12 sheets will not fit on the roof, and so the best option is should use the ones which only 10 monocrystalline panels are needed to achieve the required 3kWp.

Manufacturers of solar energy currently leading the Sun to power efficiency. Evaluate the effectiveness modules their solar is slightly higher than 20%, and they hold the record for reaching such values. The rest of the aluminum composite panel of solar energy brand to have often been below 20%.

It is good to note that there are solar cells achieve 46% efficiency, but they are the aluminum composite panel in a different genre, a particular focus fork, and that they are too expensive for civil and even trade. The leading manufacturer in this category is higher than SOITEC and the Fraunhofer Institute and the cell type used in NASA's space, where only a small area is very important hence the need for energy cells most efficient solar.



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