A house or a commercial building is not complete without the proper way. Today, the effects of global warming are taking toll on both skyscrapers and chalets that is why it is very important to take the appropriate measures (even in a additional cost) to strengthen the building. Insulation keeps warm air in the warm months and in the cooler months. The most common materials are metals such as galvanized steel sheets, and aluminum. Because these are metals, their prices fluctuate over time. In addition, they can be severe and costly to transport huge quantities. In addition to using galvanized steel and aluminum, fiberglass PVDF coated aluminum composite panel  are also used tubes.

The nature of fiberglass insulation is much higher than with aluminum or galvanized metal. But also more expensive than fiberglass. Galvanized steel, aluminum and fiberglass have their applications in the industry today. However, there are some applications in which the use of these materials would be too costly or inconvenient. This is where the architects and engineers use foam insulation.

JY-6001 Flashing Silver Gray

Phenolic foam, polyurethane and is the most commonly used plastic foam adhesive sheet. They are lightweight and more affordable than steel, aluminum and fiberglass. These PVDF coated aluminum composite panel can be used to line the walls, floors, ceilings and air ducts. They can be made rigid or flexible. Most, if not all phenolic adhesive foam panels are lined with a thin layer of aluminum (25 micrometers using interior and exterior for 200 micrometres) on both sides to enhance its insulation. Phenolic foam is a resin (plastic) is composed of aldehydes and phenols.

What makes a kind of outer PVDF coated aluminum composite panel foam pipe insulation construction is fire and moisture-proof performance. It will not melt when it comes into contact with fire. Flames have zero to very little chance of spreading once they come into contact with this foam. In addition, the foam creates a significant amount of toxic fumes (including CO2 and CO only) when burned.

To maintain quality, PVDF coated aluminum composite panel comes with a number of standardized fire. The best varieties are closed phenolic foam cells due to its high thermal efficiency. Very little moisture can penetrate the foam. If foam is punctured, the moisture will stay in the region punctured and will not be absorbed by the foam.


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